The Angel Series
Wounded Angel
Wing from the Wounded Angel
Prosthetic Angel Wing
Ruins of the House of Rage
To The Mountain

The Demon

The People of the Fire
The Charred Child
The Goddess of Fire
Firesinger Maquette

The Caryatid

The Trees

The Tourist Trap

Flaming Chalice

Brick Things

The Caryatid
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This piece was envisioned during a tooth filling procedure in response to the dentists request for a fireplace mantle, which would have been held up by a pair of the caryatids. The commission did not materialize, but the carving got done anyway. The piece was later deconstructed with a network of abstract voids. The holes on the right side of the torso took on an association with flame, which became part of the genesis of the Goddess of Fire. Frivolity with Christmas balls led to the voids being filled with beach rocks. The present owner has the rocks removed.

Black Walnut

Private Collection

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