The Angel Series
Wounded Angel
Wing from the Wounded Angel
Prosthetic Angel Wing
Ruins of the House of Rage
To The Mountain

The Demon

The People of the Fire
The Charred Child
The Goddess of Fire
Firesinger Maquette

The Caryatid

The Trees

The Tourist Trap

Flaming Chalice

Brick Things

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In the age of lunar landings by humans, it seems an anachronism to conceive angels as composite zoomorphs: humans with bird wings. Angelfire grew out of an interest in envisioning an propulsion system for our astral friends which would be an alternative to feathers. The descending wing is coupled to a complex of forms with rising energies: the double helix, interpenetrating union, fire. A glimpse of the matrix that binds us one to another.

Black Walnut

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