The Angel Series
Wounded Angel
Wing from the Wounded Angel
Prosthetic Angel Wing
Ruins of the House of Rage
To The Mountain

The Demon

The People of the Fire
The Charred Child
The Goddess of Fire
Firesinger Maquette

The Caryatid

The Trees

The Tourist Trap

Flaming Chalice

Brick Things

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During the carving of the Prosthetic Angel Wing, which seemed to have the potential for movement but to be in a state of rest, there were glimmerings of the piece in motion. This was worked out in plasticine on a steel armature and cast in bronze. The resulting piece is Flight. From this study, Angelfire was done as a woodcarving.

42"l, 14"h, 18"w

Artist Proof, Edition of 8

Bronze cast by The Elliot Gantz Company, Inc., Farmingdale, NY

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