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Saturday, 19 May 2007
Architectural Amusement 2 (Temple of the SpaceHawk)











Greetings Again Folks:

Okay, so the jury may still be out on this one, but I have been having fun, something that is allowed when one's reputation in the greater world is right up there with Anomymous. While working on the double golden rectangle proportions of the preceeding architectural fantasy.....what to call it? Archs and Oculus.....? Sure......anyway the SpaceHawk was lying in proximity and the notion of levitating this cherry carving as a roof to another structure presented itself as worthy of amused attention.












I started the base with a stair-like edge treatment (to hell with scale, its the idea that counts) leaving a cube in the corners....wondering if something ought to go there. There would be curved lines of square columns providing support, and something else would be going on, not sure what.

Enjoying the pleasures of roaming Northampton, Ma. this past Saturday evening, I found these blue irredescent marbles and bought a big one and medium sized one. By the end of dinner I knew I needed four for the corner cubes, and in wonderful Northampton, stores stay open till 9:00 pm on Saturday. Done.

The curved walls of columns proved too much, but the mortises were already cut, so I cut the middle ones back to stubs and colored the tops with a black Sharpie.


Ongoing studies of what makes sacred space suggested the big marble top a vertical structure as in bell tower or minaret, but given the roof being a spaceship it looks more to me like an airport control tower.

I think I got to use the word equivocation in my last update. It works here too.

Enough blather....I hope some of you are amused as well.....love BSB

Posted by Bennett at 4:12 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 May 2007 5:35 PM EDT

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